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Driving Technical Change

Published over 10 years ago 1 min read
Driving Technical Change
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I purchased Driving Technical Change by Terrence Ryan as part of a Pragmatic Bookshelf sale a few months ago. Overall I thought it was a good book, though a bit basic. One handy tool I got out of it was the "Skeptic / Technique Matrix". In the book, Ryan categorizes different type of skeptics that may oppose some sort of change. He then introduces various techniques for dealing with their objections. The matrix summarizes which techniques work well for each type of skeptic.

The Skeptic / Technique Matrix
Uninformed Herd Cynic Burned Time Crunched Boss Irrational
Gain Expertise      
Demonstrate Your Technique  
Deliver Your Message    
Create Trust          
Propose Compromise            
Get Publicity    
Focus on Synergy          
Build a Bridge      
Create Something Compelling      

The techniques and the descriptions of the skeptics are a bit basic, but the book offers solid advice. If you're a technical person trying to introduce a new tool or process in your organization Driving Technical Change is a quick read that may help you out.

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