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Hi! My name is Bob Nadler, Jr. I am a software developer, writer, speaker, father, and husband living in NJ, USA. I enjoy helping people and businesses increase their productivity by creating software. I have over 12 years of experience building business software applications, 10 of them in the commercial financial services sector. My programming interests include making web applications using Clojure, Ruby, and Python.

Currently, I work for Gust on our core (Ruby on Rails) and internal billing (Python Flask) platforms.

Prior to Gust, I worked for Cyrus Innovation developing web applications using the Extreme Programming process. We would collaborate with clients' developers to figure out how they can more effectively deliver working software, using agile process methodologies such as User Stories, Iterative Development, Continuous Integration, and Test Driven Development. The technology stack included Ruby, Python and Java.

Previously I worked for Siemens Financial Services, mainly using C# and the .NET platform. I've managed teams of 3 to 5 developers and have worked in various areas of the project lifecycle from requirements and user interface design to coding and testing. I prefer doing some type of Agile development.

My first experience programming was copying BASIC programs from COMPUTE!'s Gazette on a Commodore VIC-20. A few years later my father brought home a PC from work. I started playing with it by going through each of the DOS commands from the manual in alphabetical order. Everything went great until I got to the FORMAT command (coincidentally that was the same day I learned how to re-install an operating system). By the time I was in high school I had written programs in Pascal, C and a smidgen of Assembly.